Launching Accrufy

Iyad Alghamdi

Accrufy is now live and after rigorous internal and external testing for accounting principles, we launched successfully on Product Hunt and our launch was amazing!

First, let me tell you who we are. Accrufy is a free accounting software built from the ground up to be easy and intuitive for small businesses. Every member of our team has had a startup, agency, or entrepreneurial background in their skill set and experience, and we all struggled with accounting systems in our own adventures in the past.

We created Accrufy and intended for it to be FREE and extendable, so that small businesses and free-lancers can benefit from the latest and greatest in managing their financials without having to struggle with huge payments

We have been developing Accrufy for over a year to make sure we got all the accounting principles accurate, correct, and reliable. After extensive and deep testing with all our features, we decided to officially launch our product. And it was crazier than we expected.

Product Hunt is a great starting point for any startup, we were contacted by many amazing people from the community who supported us, gave us feedback, and signup to use our system.

What features do we provide?

Well, we’re glad you asked, we got it all!

We are constantly adding new features and extending our software to make your life easier. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us and give us your feedback, or suggestions and we’ll try to accommodate them as fast as possible!

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