File Management

Mark Alahmadi

We are glad to introduce File management on Accrufy. Now you can store, view, and delete files related to transactions right on Accrufy. so you can finally get rid of your file cabinet and get access to your documents on the go anywhere, anytime!

All Accrufy transactions now have a new File subtab that allows you to upload files and relate them to the transaction.

Example transaction with documents uploaded

All free accounts will have a free 1 GB of storage while pro accounts will get a 10 GB of storage

You can view how much storage you’ve used up in your organization under the Settings > General page. If you hit your max storage, you will be flagged to upgrade your account or delete old documents to make space!

General Settings display storage used

We are very excited about this release and we are looking forward to adding more features in the future to make Accrufy the leading software for accounting and sales

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