About us

The ultimate team for the ultimate accounting system

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Empowering the world with Accrufy.

Accrufy is a startup with a goal to make accounting easier. Our team has worked as ERP, inventory, accounting, and manufacturing consultants and developers. We know a thing or two about building the ultimate accounting system

When the founder, Iyad Alghamdi, wanted to run a consulting agency, he realized how complicated accounting is, and how expensive it is to be able to create professional-looking invoices. Enter Accrufy. Check our competitive prices here

Our Mission

Our main goal is to make the accounting part of your business a breeze. You don’t need a professional CPA-certified accountant to invoice a customer and track payments.

With Accrufy, we take into account, the end user, every step of the way. We are designing a robust system that is simple, yet powerful. It shouldn’t get any more complicated than that. Check out some of Accrufy’s features

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